WEST Performing Arts

West_LogoThe mission of WEST Performing Arts is to provide youth and families a creative outlet and training ground that cultivates and treasures the imaginative process. We provide educational experiences in literature, performing, expressive and creative arts through classes and productions. We give young artists and audiences the invaluable knowledge that their imaginations have had a positive and profound impact on their world.

All of our classes, training programs and productions are process-driven, believing that the creative journey is what matters. Using integrated art forms as our tools, we strive to build confidence, communication and community. We believe in the power of education and the importance of literacy.

The WEST Performing Arts Academy is a place where young artists can explore the art of creativity together in a safe and welcoming environment. Fueled by the outpouring of support from the community, and the inspiration of the student’s thoughts, voices, talents and dedication, our academy has assembled some of the brightest visionaries and artists of our community and beyond. Academy students play a crucial role in developing programming and have an opportunity to mentor students and refine interpersonal skills that will carry them into young adulthood. WEST Performing Arts is proud of the relationships that form between students who would have otherwise not met. These experiences extend beyond the curtain and have lifelong effect on those involved.